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Guestbook for Meghan and David Newsom
Meghan Newsom(non-registered)
Justin, these are absolutely amazing. They take my breath away. I can't wait to sit down for hours and look at each one. You and Aaron did such an awesome job, and David and I appreciate it so much. It was so wonderful having you around for the day- you have a talent for photography AND calming down the nervous bride! You guys were wonderful and I will forever be appreciative of what you have done for us. THank you SO SO SO much. THey are beautiful.
Debbie Hill(non-registered)
Incredible! Magnificent! These photos are marvelous and capture the essence and story of such an exceptional day in our lives. Our memories will forever be enhanced by your talents and gifts in these photos. We can literally re-live the day with the many shots you took. I can hear the laughter, the music and feel the sting of cold wind ...Absolute gratitude to you and Aaron for sharing the day with us.
Cindy Averitt(non-registered)
WOW! These are perfect.
Wes Hartline(non-registered)
Justin - These look amazing. Both you and Aron did a brilliant job.
Stacy Newsom(non-registered)
What a beautiful day! The pictures are wonderful! Great job Justin!
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